Future of Get a Little Gold

Since flash EOL (end of life) in January 12, 2021 I’m actively working on porting Get a Little Gold game to the Unity engine. This is very long and complex process as I should learn completely new technology as well as rewrite the whole game engine almost from scratch. That is why currently I cannot tell when Unity port will be available. But I’ll do my best to keep you informed and will share game development news here on the site.

I strongly recomend to subscribe to the notification on the main page. In this case you will receive message as soon as Unity version of the Get a Little Gold will become available. You can subscribe here.

What will happen to flash version of the game

Since flash player became deprecated, flash version cannot be played anymore. I leave the game on the site for now, in case somebody find the way to launch it.

Considering Kongregate version of the game – it currently can be played using their “in-house” Supernova player. Unfortunately this player has many bugs and limitations. For example I cannot update the game on Kongregate because it became unplayable if I do. That means that I not only cannot create new content for flash version, but also cannot fix small bugs, errors etc. I really hope that Supernova will adress this issue and allow developers to update their games. But until that time there will be no new updates (including events).

On the other hand it means that I can completely focus on Unity version and invest all my time into development.

Stay tuned for more game news. And don’t forget to subscribe to game notifications.