Get a little gold is an idle game by The Gamest Studio. Unlike most games in idle/clicker genre Get A Little Gold offers absolutely new and unique prestige system. Complete challenges to receive powerful artifacts and “shards”. Purchase global skills that will boost your gold income. Unlock new structures and upgrades on the way to the world dominance!

Hope you will have fun!

Release notes

Version 1.23

  • Duodecillion challenge is now available. You should complete nonillion challenge with rank “good” or higher to unlock duodecillion challenge.
  • You can unlock new gold producing structure Intergalactic Corporation by completing Duodecillion challenge. Intergalactic corporation can also by completing nonillion challenge with higher rank.
  • You can unlock new tier of (Immense) amulets by completing duodecillion challenge. These amulets can also be obtained in nonillion challenge.
  • New chest challenge (Ancient chest) is now available. New tier of artifacts (pure artifacts) and mascot parts can be obtained by completion ancient chest challenge.
  • 2 new hero skills: Hero Autosearch and Damage Combo were added to the game. Chest experience hero skill is adjusted and become cheaper.
  • Washing gold special ability strongly boosted starting from level 8
  • Bathing gold special ability changed. Now it gives different boost to pans and sluice boxes. It is more powerful on earlier levels but less powerfull on higher levels.
  • Extracting gold special ability strongly boosted starting from level 4
  • Hero level cap increased to lvl 120
  • Added “buy max” option for buildings.
  • Buildings multiplier (x1, x10, x100 or MAX) is now saved between sessions.
  • Now you don’t need to reenable autoreserch button each time you get new 1-second researches.

Version 1.22

  • The game received its hero. Hero can be leveled up to receive some skill points and learn new hero skills.
  • 21 hero skills were added to the game. You need skill points and red shards to learn them. Hero skills are permanent and not resetted on activation.
  • New type of challenge (Golem Challenge) was added to the game. You can kill golems to gain some experience and level up your hero. Experience can also be gained by killing chests.
  • New chest challenge (Exotic Chest) was added to the game. New tier of artifacts (fair artifacts) and mascot parts can be obtained by completing exotic chest challenge.
  • New premium structure (Sword) was added to the game. Sword can be purchased for kreds. It increases some ingame stats. Available only on Kongregate.
  • Heavenly light becomes more powerful. It now doubles all experience gained from golem challenge as well as from chests.
  • Time limit to get ranks in ordinary challenges is now identical for all challenges. 20 minutes or less for impossible rank, 40 minutes for godlike rank, 1 hour for awesome rank, 1 hour 20 minutes for great rank and 2 hours for good rank.
  • Some special abilities were slightly changed (for example alchemist hut’s special ability Transmute gold).
  • Other game improvements and fixes.

Version 1.21

  • You can now sort researches by time. The sort by time option can be found in the left ingame menu – settings (gear icon) – game tab.
  • Reroll price for global skills has changed. Now reroll is much more expensive.
  • You can now enable an option to one-click buy global skills.
  • You can now keep current selection of random global skills when you buy them. Enabling this option doubles the price of global skills.
  • Fixed bug when buildings/upgrades/artifacts menu scroll became inactive sometimes.

Version 1.20

  • Septillion and Nonillion challenges are now available. To unlock these challenges you should complete previous challenge with rank “good” or higher.
  • You can unlock new gold producing structures Moon Base and UFO Station by completing Septillion and Nonillion challenges.
  • You can unlock new tiers of Massive and Giant amulets by completing Septillion and Nonillion challenges.
  • New chest challenge is now available. Old chest can be unlocked by successfully destroying Rusty Chest.
  • You can get decent artifacts and different mascots/mascot parts by completing the Old Chest challenge.
  • 8 new global skills were added. These skills can be obtained for shards.
  • A big quantity of new skills were added. Major Miner, Fang, Radiance, Power Slasher, Power Hunter, Thorn and Wisdom are only some of them.
  • Hard achievements were added. Hard achievements are permanent. You won’t lose them on activation.
  • Normal achievements connected with Alchemis Huts, Moon Bases and UFO Stations were added.
  • Sluice box’s special ability Washing Gold is strongly boosted (starting from level 4).
  • Dredge’s special ability Pumping Gold is strongly boosted.
  • Mine’s special ability Extracting gold is boosted (starting from level 2).
  • Added detailed GPS info tab to the stats menu.
  • Tiny Amulet of Biting bonus to critical chance increased. Medium, Big and Huge Amulets of Biting bonus to critical chance reduced.
  • Fixed bug of no bonus crates after returning to postponed challenge.
  • Now only 2 actual Pure Benefit upgrades are available at the same time.
  • Fixed tower description: “Keep amulets instead of keep artifacts”.
  • Description of the next level mascot was added to the mascot upgrade menu.

Version 1.19

  • Chest challenges were added. Player sould activate red shards at least once to unlock chest challenges. Two chest challenges (shabby chest and rusty chest) are currently available. Chest challenges can be completed once a day. To complete a chest challenge you should deal damage to chest and “kill” it in less then 10 minutes.
  • 3 new amulets were added (Amulet of Damage, Amulet of Hitting and Amulet of Stinging). These amulets boost player’s damage ability.
  • New passive artifacts were added. These artifacts can be obtained with the tiny chance from chest challenges. They “survive” through red shards activation.
  • Mascots were added. They can be obtained from chest challenges. Mascots boost buildings production and provide the ability to damage chests.
  • Mascot parts were added. They can be obtained from chest challenges. Mascot parts are used to upgrade mascots.
  • New skills that increase player’s damage ability were added.
  • Trolley’s special ability Delivering Gold is strongly boosted (starting from level 3).
  • New premium mode were added. It can be activated either by watching AD or by kreds. It boosts GPS, GPC and gives some other bonuses.
  • Inactive shards calculation formula were changed. Now your new shards will depend on how much shards you already own. The more red shards you have – the harder to obtain new red shards.
  • Inactive shards can now be also obtained via completing chest challenges.
  • Info about buildings were updated to display damage per second.
  • Detailed GPC info were added to the statistics section.

Version 1.18

  • Three new artifacts (Newcomer’s Wish, Newcomer’s Dream and Newcomer’s Desire) added. These artifacts are passive (don’t need to be equiped). New artifacts can be obtained only before first activation to boost early game pace.
  • Pick’s special ability Cracking Gold is strongly boosted (starting from level 2).
  • Added the autoresearch button. Now you can automatically start all 1-second researches.
  • Added a power up crate sound notification. You should learn Slower global skill for sound notification to work.
  • Added a mouse wheel scroll to all ingame menus.
  • Added the list of global skills to the ingame menu (info tab). Now you can see global skills during the challenge run and the endless mode.
  • Changed the save code encryption algorithm. Now it is more difficult to cheat using save code.
  • It is now possible to disable coins animation for slower computers.
  • Added an option to hide explosion button.
  • Updated the finish challenge tab to show more then 5 gained (unlocked) items if needed.
  • Equipped artifact remains equipped. You don’t need to reequip it every time you start new challenge or endless mode.
  • Fixed a bug that makes navigation arrows in the buildings menu become inactive.
  • Updated the challenge tab in the stats menu to show more information about endless mode.
  • Added detailed GPC info tab to the stats menu.
  • Added the shards info tab to the stats menu.
  • Medals (unlocked skills) now can be found under the info tab, not under the achievements tab as earlier.
  • Information about the types and values of coins was removed from the game.

Version 1.17

  • Inactive shards generation logic has changed. Now players receive significantly more shards on the early stage of the game but much less shards on the late stage. For example you will receive 10 inactive shards for 1 trillion of total gold collected whereas earlier the same amount of gold would bring you only 1 inactive shard.
  • Now you need only 12 quadrillion of total gold collected to receive 50 shards whereas earlier you would need more than 6 quintillion gold.
  • Rank needed to receive inactive shards from challenges changed from impossible to godlike. Number of shards that can be obtained from challenges reduced.
  • Button “Buy All Upgrades” was added to the upgrades game menu.
  • New “Game Info” section was added to the ingame settings tab.
  • Game Intro of The Gamest Studio is now muted.

Version 1.16

  • Quintillion challenge is now availble. To unlock quintillion challenge you should finish quadrillion challenge with rank “good” or higher.
  • You can unlock new gold producing structure “Alchemist Hut” by completing Quintillion challenge.
  • You can unlock new tier of “huge artifacts” by completing Quintillion challenge.
  • Ace Clicker and Heavy Click skills are added. They can be unlocked by completing quintillion challenge.

Version 1.15

  • New game structure Tower added (available only on Kongregate).
  • Kongregate users now can support game developer by spending Kreds on building and leveling up Tower.
  • Tower adds some power directly to GPC, can multiply base GPS of Pan, Sluice Box, Trolley, Mine and Cyborg Plant and even increase the efficiency of red shards.
  • Tower is permanent and is tied to Kongregate account. You will keep tower even if you make a hard reset of game.

Version 1.14

  • 84 new achievements added. Some achievements icons updated.
  • Algorithm of red shards calculation changed. Now player will receive a little more inactive shards for smaller amounts of gold, and less inactive shards for big amounts of gold. For example player receive 31 inactive shards for 1 quintillion gold and 177 inactive shards for 1 sextillion gold. In previous version he would recieve 22 and 707 inactive shards respectively.
  • Number of already owned red shards updated to reflect changes in calculation algorithm.
  • Bonus timer now adds to current timer if you get the same bonus that is already active.
  • Deep injection skill now is much more expensive starting from level 3. It also cannot be obtained from quadrillion challenge anymore.

Version 1.13

  • Deep Injection and Elder Enrichment skills strongly boosted starting from lvl 2.
  • Player now see only most powerful artifacts of each type in the artifacts menu.
  • Player now can accept offline earnigs if computer goes to sleep mode.

Version 1.12

  • New Inactive Shards and Red Shards (Activated Shards) were added.
  • Player can collect Inactive Shards by completing challenges with “Impossible” rank.
  • Inactive Shards can also be obtained by collecting huge amounts of total gold produced.
  • Red Shards can be obtained by activating Inactive Shards. You lose all game progress when activate shards.
  • Each Red Shard increase GPS and GPC by 2 percent.

Version 1.11

  • New skill Clickerer was added. Clickerer can be unlocked by completing challenges starting from billion. It boosts power of clicker skill.
  • Expert Clicker skill was added. It can be unlocked by completing Trillion and Quadrillion challenges.
  • Elder Enrichment skill boosted starting from level 2.
  • Power of Cracking Gold special ability is strongly boosted starting from level 3.
  • Deep Injection skill mechanics changed.
  • Rocker’s special ability Bathing Gold strongly boosted.
  • Dredge’s special ability Pumping Gold boosted.
  • Number of buildings to buy (x1, x10 or x100) now saved if you decide to close game or refresh page.
  • Description of Cyborg Plant’s special ability was fixed.
  • Some other minor bugs were fixed.

Version 1.10

  • ATTENTION: All global skills were set to zero. Players received some shards as a compensation.
  • Price of global skills were increased, because of imbalanced number of shards that can be obtained from endless mode.
  • Quadrillion challange added. To unlock quadrillion challenge you should finish trillion challenge with rank “good” or higher.
  • New tier of artifacts added (big artifacts).
  • New gold producing structure “Cyborg Plant” added.
  • Two new types of coins added (topaz coins and amethyst coins).
  • Option to buy 1, 10 or 100 buildings in one click have been added.
  • Option to sell buildings is no longer available.
  • Mechanics of enrichment skill were changed. Now it increases GPC multiplier depending on your GPS, not simply adds some percent of your GPS to GPC.
  • Elder miner skill is strongly boosted. It now quintuples basic GPC instead of doubling it.
  • Pan special ability Baking Gold now adds less power to Pan GPS.
  • Information about current version of the game have been added to the main menu.

Version 1.9

  • 10 new global skills added
  • 8 new global skills allows to strongly boost bonuses from falling crates
  • 2 other new global skills allows to boost shard income from explosion in endless mode
  • Mine special ability description fixed to reflect actual mechanic

Version 1.8

  • Global skills price rebalanced. Global skills are much more cheaper now.
  • Explosion shard generation algorithm changed. Player will get more shards for smaller amount of exploded gold and less shards for bigger amount of gold. For example player used to get 72 shards for 1 billion of exploded gold. Now 1 billion will give 100 shards. On the other hand 1 trillion of exploded gold used to generate 2000 shards. In new version it will give 1000 shards.
  • “Explosion” message now closes automatically after 1 minute on screen.
  • Pick special ability “Cracking Gold” now adds much bigger boost to GPC.
  • Mine Special ability “Extracting Gold” now depends on critical clicks, not on normal clicks, but adds bonus directly to the basic GPS that make this skill much more powerful.
  • Critical Rage description fixed to reflect actual functionality.

Version 1.7

  • Trillion challenge added. To unlock trillion challenge you should finish billion challenge with rank “Good” or higher.
  • New tier of artifacts added (medium artifacts).
  • New gold producing structure “Pit” added.
  • Mine special ability “Extracting gold” changed. Now it adds gold to final mine production, not to basic one.
  • Power Miner and Power Clicker upgrades now give smaller boost.
  • Effect of injection upgrade is strongly boosted. It now gives bigger bonus to GPC.

Version 1.6

  • Player now can load game by importing and exporting save code.

Version 1.5

  • Player now can re-equip atrifacts without need to remove previously equiped ones.

Version 1.4

  • In-game learning/introduction shortened. Reduced time to the first autosave.
  • Endless mode tab layout optimized. Added info about max shards generated during one session.
  • Fixed bug when game crushed on finishing billion challenge when all medals are already collected.
  • Music and sounds on/off settings is now saved after restart.
  • Added info about posibility of spending shards on global skills in main menu.

Game trailer