I have collected 3 million gold, but still didn’t finish million challenge.
To complete million challenge you should collect 1 million gold in bank (not total gold produced).

How fast players should finish challenges to get ranks?
Here are times for different challenges.

  • Million challenge: 2h or less – good, 1h 20m – great, 1h – awesome, 40m – godlike, 20m – impossible;
  • Billion challenge: 4h or less – good, 2h 40m – great, 2h – awesome, 1h 20m – godlike, 40m – impossible;
  • Trillion challenge: 6h or less – good, 4h – great, 3h – awesome, 2h – godlike, 1h – impossible.
  • Quadrillion Challenge: 8h or less – good, 5h 20m – great, 4h – awesome, 2h 40m – godlike, 1h 20m – impossible.
  • Quintillion Challenge: 10h or less – good, 6h 40m – great, 5h – awesome, 3h 20m – godlike, 1h 40m – impossible.
  • Septillion Challenge: 12h or less – good, 8h – great, 6h – awesome, 4h – godlike, 2h – impossible.
  • Nonillion Challenge: 14h or less – good, 9h 20m – great, 7h – awesome, 4h 40m – godlike, 2h 20m – impossible.

Is progress saved?
Yes it does! Game autosaves every minute and you can save it manualy from settings menu. But if you play for the first time, you should reach some progress to activate autosave. If you’re in learning mode, first autosave happens after phrase: “Good luck with reaching your 1 million goal!”

Is there a way to export/import save?
Yes, export/import save button can be found in the main menu settings tab.

How to return to current challenge after quitting to menu?
By pressing “quit to menu” button you erase your progress in current challenge. There is no way you can continue previous challenge if you decided to quit to menu.

Is there any prestige system in endless mode?
Yes. You should collect 5 million gold in bank to activate explosion. Explosion finishes endless mode and grants some shards depending on how much gold you were able to generate in 60 seconds.

I’ve got some shards for finishing the challenge. How can I use them?
Shards can be used either to boost starting gold in challenges or to purchase global skills that works in all challenges.

Where do I purchase global skills?
Global skills can be purchased from the main menu (buttons on the upper left). Global skills cost shards.

Where is the list of global skills I have purchased?
The list of purchased global skills can be seen in the upper left corner of main menu.

What are the requirements to unlock new GPS structure (Sluice Box, Pick, Trolley etc.)?
You should have half of the next building price for research to appear in the Science menu. For example sluice box costs 60 gold. So you should have 30 gold in bank to unlock sluice box research.

When do the special abilities get unlocked?
Special abilities can be unlocked in the Science tab. They become available as soon as you purchase certain number of buildings (15, 35, 75 etc.). For example you should buy 15 gold pans to unlock Baking Gold 1 special ability.

What effects can be obtained from bonus crates?
There are three effects that can be activated by opening bonus crates:

  1. Gold Rush. Triples gold production (GPS) for 55 seconds.
  2. Perfect Touch. Triples clicking power (GPC) for 55 seconds.
  3. Critical Rage. Increase critical chance by 10 percentage points, double critical power and halves cooldown for 30 seconds.

Chances to obtain every bonus are 40% for Gold Rush, 40% for Perfect Touch and 20% for Critical Rage.

Injection upgrade increases basic clicking power by binary logarithm of your GPS. What does this mean?
Binary logarithm is the power to which the number 2 must be raised to obtain your current GPS. For example binary logarithm of 2 is 1, binary logarithm of 4 is 2, binary logarithm of 8 is 3 and binary logarithm of 1024 is 10. Hope this makes sense.

So if your current production is 128 gold per second – then injection skill will add 7 to the basic clicking power. This bonus can be influenced by GPC multipliers. For example if you have learned Miner 3 upgrade that multiplies basic clicking power by 8, than your final bonus from Injection skill will be 7×8 = 56 GPC.

Power Miner and Power Clicker descriptions aren’t clear. What do the do?
Power Miner and Power Clicker upgrades double your GPS and GPC respectively. But the bonus from these upgrades cannot be further influenced by different modifiers and multipliers.

Got the skill that doubles pan income for every 30 pans, but it didn’t change anything after buying 30th and 31th pan.
This bonus is not strictly tied to the “magic” number of 30. You receive a small boost for every pan purchased. For example if you have 15 pans – you get +50% and if you have 45 pans – you get +150% of income. When you buy 1 pan – the bonus is 1/30 that is way too small to be observed. But if you buy 10 pans – you will surely notice the difference.

Do order of upgrades influences result GPS and GPC?
No, order of upgrades is irrelevant! No matter what you will buy first: Clicker 1 upgrade (Increases basic clicking power by 1) or Miner 1 upgrade (Doubles clicking power) – result GPS will be 4.